Predefined Color Names – Alphabetical List

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Question: What color names are supported by JavaScript?

Answer: Old browsers such as Internet Explorer 3.x supported only sixteen color names:

#00FFFF aqua  
#00FF00 lime  
#C0C0C0 silver  
#000000 black  
#800000 maroon  
#008080 teal  
#0000FF blue  
#000080 navy  
#FFFFFF white  
#FF00FF fuchsia  
#808000 olive  
#FFFF00 yellow  
#808080 gray  
#800080 purple  
#008000 green  
#FF0000 red  

Newer browsers support many more color names (see an alphabetical list below). You can try all these colors here:

Note: The following pairs of color names are synonyms:

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